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    May programme updates

    Here are some highlights from the month of May

    Learners at Ponelopele Oracle Secondary School, who are participating in an Enterprise Programme supported by General Electric’s Londvolota Trust, have been working on creating tile cleaner, shoe polish and permanent marker cleaner as products for their team businesses.


    Toyota visited KwaBhekiLanga Secondary School in Alexandra

    Toyota employees met with JASA Digital Enterprise alumni at KwaBhekiLanga Secondary School. These learners completed the course last year, funded by Toyota. The company wanted to reconnect with the students a year later and to interview Programme Coordinator Bonga Khumalo and some of the student company CEOs about their experiences

    Some of the learners who did the programme are running businesses on the side while others are too focused on completing Grade 12 to continue with their enterprises, for now . However, the entrepreneurial seed has been planted and many expressed interest in looking into entrepreneurship in the future.

    Small beginnings can lead to great things, especially when it comes to saving!

    Grade 5s at Chartwell Leadership School graduated after completing the five-session More than Money programme.

    One of the learners commented that she thought the facilitator was good. One of the things she had learnt was that by saving it was possible to make enough money to start a little business and grow it from there.

    Sponsored by HSBC, JASA is aiming to reach around 7000 primary school learners with this programme in 2018. JASA began a pilot earlier this year where all five sessions are taught in one day. The feedback from teachers trained to facilitate has been very positive since the material aligns well with the curriculum.

    Students at Hlanganani Primary School in Khutsong, Carletonville, show their appreciation that JASA chose to come to their school. We’re glad too, thanks to the sponsor of the More than Money Programme in this school, HSBC.