My Money Biz helps learners become comfortable with translating their ideas, wants and needs into financial terms – without getting scared off by what is too often perceived as a complicated topic.

Ultimately all of finance is essentially a matter of what people want,hope for, expect, or predict will happen in their (or their employers’) future – translated into monetary terms. Thus, understanding the vocabulary of finance and financial concepts is an important step in gaining control of one’s own finances.

The starting point of My Money Biz is to explore Grade 10 – 12 learners’ most immediate aspirations whilst the subsequent programme topics add up to a comprehensive overview of the ways money is spent, saved, invested, secured, borrowed and thought about in society today.

By the end of this programme, they will be familiar with the basic rules and be able to apply them in everyday life, which will assist them to establish disciplined money management habits that they can carry over into adulthood.