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    JA’s Enterprise Program Plus and EDT offer impact multiplier

    Junior Achievement South Africa (JASA) is excited to announce the kickoff off another year, of implementing the JA Enterprise Plus programme, aimed at empowering South African youth with essential entrepreneurial and life skills. The program, facilitated in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Development Trust (EDT), powered by Ninety-One,  aims to equip young people with the necessary tools and knowledge to establish their enterprises, thereby contributing to the economic growth and prosperity of South Africa, by learning entrepreneurship early on.

    Nelo Spies, Executive Director at Junior Achievement South Africa, expressed enthusiasm for the programme, stating, Junior Achievement South Africa is thrilled to continue our partnership with Entrepreneurship Development Trust in implementing the JA Enterprise Plus programme. We look forward to empowering 360 learners across six provinces in South Africa, providing them with the knowledge, resources, and mentorship they need to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.”

    Reflecting on the successes of the 2023 implementation,three positive outcomes emerge

    • 80 % of program participants took part in JA South Africa’s flagship program, Company of the Year competition. The winning team from Fairmont High School in the Western Cape. 
    • Beneficiaries demonstrated improved financial literacy skills, including budgeting, saving, and managing finances, which are essential for entrepreneurial success. Enhancing their understanding of personal finance. 
    • Stronger Networking Opportunities: Participants had the opportunity to network with peers from other schools, industry professionals, mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs, expanding their support networks and access to resources.

    JA’s Enterprise Programme is an intensive six month multiplier program, offering beneficiaries acess to five of Junior Achievement South Africa’s programs or interventions. Thus exposing learners to work readiness, financial literacy and practical entrepreneurship skills, multiplying learner experiences. 

    Looking to empower South African youth with the skillset and mindset to empower communities? Then, call us today!