JA Worldwide

JA Worldwide

Junior Achievement Worldwide was founded in 1919 by Horace Moses, Theodore Vail and Senator Murray Crane of Massachusetts, USA. The organisation commenced operations as a collection of small, after-school business clubs for learners. In time, The JA Company Programme, incorporating the fundamentals of business and economics, was developed and offered to schools, and JA was formally established.

Today, Junior Achievement is one of the largest business education organisations in the world, operating in over 118 countries, with senior executives of many multi-national companies represented on the Board of Directors.

Still with headquarters in Boston, the six regional operating centres are: JA Africa; JA Americas; JA Asia Pacific; INJAZ Al-Arab in the Middle East and North Africa; JA Europe; and Junior Achievement USA.

These regional centres work together to facilitate the continual development of innovative programmes and practices among the member countries and each year the global network of over 470,000 serves more than 10 million.

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