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    JA South Africa – Women’s Day 2020

    Juggling between staying safe and simultaneously trying to grow your brand? Thanks to the generous funding from Tribeca P.R. our  recently held Women’s day event helped us address some concerns on around “keeping one’s brand alive, during a crisis!

    The event held on 6th August,  saw 29 women across all walks of life empowered with tools to keeping their brand alive through informative presentations by our amazing presenters. Our guests presenters were

     1. Christi Maherry founder of the Lawtrust who spoke on cybersecurity

    2. Beth Malatji from Go Daddy website and StartUp Grind who addressed why an online presence is key

    3.  Zama Hlophe, strategy director at Yellowwood who spoke about the importance of a brand in consideration of the context. 

    We would like to thank all who attended!

    Participants also won amazing prizes after sending a video entry by answering what of what their biggest obstacle to growing their brand was and how they managed to/ plan to overcome this challenge.

    To listen in on this amazing conversation watch the webinar here.