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    Delta Air Lines, in collaboration with JA Africa, hosted 25 high school-aged students, all girls, from South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria traveled to Accra, Ghana, at a highly impactful three-day bootcamp aimed at empowering them to become high-achieving women. The bootcamp was part of events to mark  the 2024 International Women’s Day and the girls represent the the top ten (10) girls who showed leadership skills during the bootcamp best-performing students selected from a pool of over 300 girls who have taken part in innovation camps and entrepreneurial skills training in their home countries. 

    Themed “Inspire Inclusion for African Girls,” the Delta and JA Africa program further elevated their knowledge and skills to unlock their boundless potential.  The workshop aimed to break down societal barriers hindering the potential of African girls, advocating for their active participation in leadership, decision-making, and entrepreneurial endeavors. 

    The bootcamp sessions were designed to provide comprehensive insights and skills essential for personal and professional growth. These include lessons on personal branding, leadership, the power of conviction and self-confidence, emotional intelligence, careers in STEM, and etiquette. Throughout the camp, the girls had the opportunity to be coached by female Delta volunteers and other accomplished women from various industries who led them through the sessions.

    We are committed to empowering young girls, impacting their lives, and setting their feet on the path to becoming successful women as we believe this is a step in the right direction to having a just and equitable society. We appreciate Delta Air Lines for the continuous partnership with us to empower young Africans, especially our young girls,” says Nelo Spies, JA South Africa, Executive Director. 

    Eloina Baddoo, Delta’s Country Manager for Ghana said: “Having started my Delta career as an intern, now overseeing Delta’s sales in the Ghana market, I know first-hand just how committed Delta is as an organization to helping women progress their careers and achieve their potential. I’m delighted to have this opportunity to pay it forward, working with talented young women from across Africa to help them learn the skills they will need on their journey to success.” 

    Empowering young girls at an early stage through leadership, entrepreneurship, and career development training can help tackle inequality issues in Africa. It is against this background that this collaboration was born. Through this initiative, Delta Air Lines and JA Africa affirm an unwavering commitment to nurturing and empowering young girls, equipping them with the essential skills required to transform into exceptional female leaders of tomorrow.