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    HSBC Volunteers visit the JA More than Money Programme

    Volunteers from HSBC visited a session of the JA More than Money Programme for Grade 7s, at Sandtonview School

    HSBC volunteers not only visited a session of the More than Money programme at Sandtonview School in Johannesburg but also shared some of their work experiences with the learners, who gained a glimpse into the world of banking.

    HSBC employee Carol Chikaro commented: “I think this is a brilliant programme and we should have it in all the schools. All kids should be part of a programme like this because it is so important to understand how money works and how to look after what you have because that is the only way you can go forward in life and achieve your goals.”

    Another HSBC employee, Prince Thubekgale, added, “The programme is really fruitful. Financial literacy is so important.

    “Everyone needs this skill, whether you are doing science or any other subject you need to have financial skills to get ahead in life. It is also a joyful experience, not only do you learn but you get to participate with other people so there is also team building.”

    Through the longstanding partnership between JASA and HSBC, locally close on 23,000 Grade 6 and 7 learners across the country have gone through the More than Money Programme over the past nine years. This year alone, we are reaching 4 500 learners through HSBC’s generous funding.