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    Grade 7 learners in Diepsloot learn wise money habits and entrepreneurship

    Grade 7 learners in Diepsloot learn wise money habits and entrepreneurship

    AIG continues its global support of Junior Achievement through a generous grant with JA South Africa being chosen as one of the 22 recipients! Through this grant 412 grade 7 learners from Diepsloot Combined School and Reshomile Primary School were introduced to the JA More Than Money Programme on 26th April 2019.

    JA More Than Money is a programme which teaches learners about earning, spending, sharing and saving money. This programme also teaches about businesses they can start or jobs they can perform to earn money.

    This is the second year AIG has funded one of JA South Africa’s programmes, as well as recruited and trained employee volunteers to help students gain entrepreneurship, personal finance and work readiness skills. As part of the partnership, AIG employees have become dedicated classroom teachers and capstone volunteers, as well as supported other special events.

    “I have been working at AIG for a year and half now and for what I have seen the experience has been amazing. I believe that companies should do their all to reach out to communities, it is not really about trying to make a profit but rather how we can all work together to bring up and uplift the community. I am glad that I work for a company who shares these values, the relationship between AIG and JASA is very extraordinary, amazing!”- Kagisho Kgaile Communication

    Administrator at AIG

    Bongiwe Ngobese, an Economic and Management Sciences (EMS) Educator at Reshomile Primary School, said she found the programme very helpful for the learners, especially in the EMS curriculum.

    “What I observed about the programme is that it relates to the EMS curriculum. For example, the business planning is a module we are going to cover in the 3rd term. It is very helpful because some of the content they are learning today from the programme has already been done in class, so for those who had questions and uncertainty, I am sure they were covered today.” – Bongiwe Ngobese, Educator at Reshomile Primary School.

    “What I have learned today is that money doesn’t grow from trees, you need to work in order to earn it.” – Andrew Khoza, grade 7 learner from Reshomile Primary School.