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    Digital Enterprise Programme students visit the GE Innovation Centre

    General Electric’s Londvolota Trust sponsors two Digital Enterprise Programmes, including a site visit to the GE Innovation Centre

    Students at Ponelopele and Sandtonview high schools in Johannesburg, who are participating in General Electric (GE) sponsored Digital Enterprise Programmes, were fortunate to visit the GE Innovation Centre in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

    Organised by Celiwe Zondo of GE, the students were taken through the process of design-centred innovation by consultant Kathy Berman. The student teams had a chance to present their ideas and gain constructive feedback that they can now apply as they repeat the design process to refine and evolve their ideas as needed.

    The key learning the students took away is that the process of refining your ideas is critical to success. It is only through repeating the process of testing your ideas and then making changes that you can come up with innovative sustainable solutions that stand the test of time.

    For more information on a design-centred approach to innovation see this article, which goes through the steps of this method.