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Our experiential programmes for school learners and out-of-school youth focus on:

Interventions range from workshops of a few hours up to eight months. Designed to deliver measurable results, learners actively engage in real business and financial activities that encourage teamwork and leadership, with the flagship Enterprise Programme requiring learners to start up and run a real small business.

This programme also forms the basis of our premium programmes, which also incorporate financial literacy and workplace readiness to provide a holistic solution.

Through action learning, participants tackle real issues related to starting up and running a small business and graduates are equipped with the skills to start and build their own businesses or shape their careers in a knowledgeable and directed manner.

The impact is measurable. Not only do the students demonstrate a significant understanding of economics and business concepts but the premium programmes are recognised by the Services Seta. The Entrepreneurship Academy programme, aimed at Grade 10 and 11 learners, is NQF level 2 accredited and the Youth Enterprise Development Programme, aimed at out-of-school youth, is accredited at level 4.

Students who participate in some of our programmes are eligible to enter three competitions that are made possible through partnerships. Click on the names below to find out more about each event.

Premium Programmes

These programmes centre mainly on entrepreneurial development whilst also providing well-rounded training that includes financial literacy and workplace readiness.
Entrepreneurship Academy Programme

Grade 10 – 11
7 – 8 months, 3 hrs/ week

This programme incorporates the entrepreneurial, financial literacy and workplace readiness facets, as well as micro-economics and business ethics. Acceptance onto this programme is subject to a selection process and in addition to a JA South Africa certificate, graduates also receive an NQF level 2 Services Seta certificate.

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Youth Enterprise Development Programme

Out-of-school youth
20 weeks, 3 hrs/week

This incubator style programme is run over three months, during which students are required to start up and run a sustainable business with ongoing support and mentorship for a second six months after the course work is complete. The training includes site visits, case studies, guest speakers, and an introduction to micro finance. Graduates receive JA South Africa and a NQF level 4 Services Seta certificate.

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Entrepreneurial Development

We offer a range of programmes focussing on entrepreneurship.
Enterprise Programme (JA South Africa’s flagship programme)

Grade 10 – 12     12 weeks, 36 hrs

In this intensive business programme, learners start up and run their own business after selecting a product or service.

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BE Entrepreneurial

Grade 9 – 11     12 hrs

Learners are guided through the process of developing the essential components of a business plan, challenging them to start an entrepreneurial venture while still in high school.

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It’s My Business

Grade 9 up     12 hrs

This 12-hour programme emphasises entrepreneurship whilst providing a strong focus on social studies, reading, and writing skills. Learners are encouraged to use critical thinking to learn entrepreneurial skills that support positive attitudes as they explore and enhance their career aspirations.

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Environmental Entrepreneurs Programme

Grade 5 – 7     8 weeks

Learners develop an understanding of the challenges impacting the environment and how to start their own small recycling business to positively effect change in their communities. Suitable for Grades 5 - 7.

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Enterprise Dynamics Programme

Grade 4 – 7     42 hrs

This programme is divided into four phases, introducing learners to the concepts of the economic life of families, communities and countries. Learners explore setting up a mini-business to learn the theory and practicalities of small businesses and are also introduced to the knowledge and skills required to access future employment.

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JA Titan Programme

Grade 10 – 12     12 weeks, 36 hrs

Learners are introduced to critical economics and management decisions through an interactive computer simulation. This programme is infrequently run.

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Financial literacy

These programmes provide students with an excellent introduction to learning about money.
More than Money

Grade 5 – 7     6 – 10 hrs

This programme teaches learners about earning, spending, sharing, and saving money, and businesses they can start or jobs they can perform for money.

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My money biz

Grade 10 – 12     12 – 15 hrs

High school learners are taught how to manage their financial lives in a responsible way, developing their ability to analyse their motivations about the uses of money and establish good financial habits that can carry over into their adult lives.

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Workplace readiness

In an experiential way students explore potential careers and prepare for the workplace.
Discover your Career Programme

Grade 10 – 11     4 – 5 hrs

This workshop introduces learners to a range of career options, providing them with an opportunity to understand their particular skills and interests and how these relate to successful career choices. As part of the process, the learners take the Skills and Personality Assessment Test, which is administered and assessed by trained facilitators. After the even, each learner receives individual feedback to guide them further in making career choices.

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Success skills programme

Grade 10 – 11     12 – 15 hrs

JA Success Skills will help you develop the knowledge, skills, and personal characteristics to excel in school, your career and the community. This course focuses on interpersonal skills–building, rapport, influencing others, and teamwork.

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Through the sharing of best practices across the global network the content of Junior Achievement Worldwide is continually refined while at the local level we adapt and customise the material to suit our context.

Nationally, South Africa’s overall unemployment, and youth unemployment, rate has skyrocketed into the highest level globally. JA programmes meet the challenge posed by the contributing factors: a young population resulting in a fast growing labour force; lack of entrepreneurship training; skill mismatches and market rigidity.

The programmes are implemented nationwide by carefully selected and trained facilitators, who are supported by our head office and regional agents. Monitoring and evaluation procedures are in place to ensure we maintain a consistent high standard. In some instances, educators are trained to be the in-school facilitators, which enhances their teaching ability.

Programme Impact is measured by:

  • Pre and post tests
  • Increase in self confidence
  • Increase in positive attitudes toward entrepreneurship
  • Consideration of entrepreneurship as a future career
  • Regular programme impact assessments
  • Tracking learners’ career paths
  • Use of a learner management system

The City & Guilds Centre for Skills Development (CSD), a not-for-profit, research and development body for vocational education and training, undertook an evaluation of the Enterprise programme in 2014. Their findings were:

  • Perceptions of the financial prospects of entrepreneurship improved
  • Entrepreneurship as a career path was introduced
  • Increased confidence in activities involved in setting up a business
  • Improvements in knowledge about business
  • Practical business skills improved
  • Transferable skills developed - teamwork, communication and planning
  • Learners more confident in presenting themselves to employers

I knew the content was going to be interesting, but let me just tell you that I am amazed at just how brilliant, and utterly thrilled! Such clever exercises and truly incredible how such important business concepts are taught so simply.

Gabriella Geffen, Human Resource Development Council Enabling Entrepreneurship Technical Task Team, talking about her positive assessment of the possibility of the JA South Africa programme content being included in the blueprint for the implementation of Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship in the South African School Curriculum.

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