Research Reports

Research Reports

Junior Achievement South Africa made it into Next Generation’s report on Innovation and Impact 2018, where they looked at trends from the previous year.

Our organisation was identified as a leader of the pack in terms of empowering the youth with skills to shape their own futures.

Impact Analysis Reports

2015 Impact Analysis Report - click here:

In 2013 and 2014 an assessment was done of the impact of the Young Enterprise Development Programme. The growth of 115 separate small business entrepreneurial teams was tracked through phone calls over post-exposure periods: July to December 2013 and September 2013 to March 2014.

2014 Impact Analysis Report - click here:

This was done to determine challenges and successes unique to each business, by disaggregating the data into indicators including: profit and loss; contextual challenges; loss of team members; marketing strategy shifts; business plans shifts; and overall promise for future success.

2012 Independent Research Reports

The City & Guilds Centre for Skills Development undertook a study of the Junior Achievement Entrepreneurship Academy Programme. Here is the report of their findings.

In 2012 the Reputation Institute undertook a multi-stakeholder study to reflect how the organisation is seen by our stakeholders. Overall, the good reputation of the organisation is mainly established on our programmes, which are perceived as impressive, impactful and life-changing. Here are the full results.