Environmental Entrepreneurs Programme


The entrepreneurs of the future must lead the way in conserving, protecting and nurturing our planet so it remains a resource for generations to come.

The Environmental Entrepreneurs Programme has been carefully crafted to teach Grade 5 - 7 learners how to make a difference to both their lives and the environment. Funded by HSBC, it will inspire and educate, teach bright young minds about responsibility and co-operation, and give them insights into the challenges posed by climate change.

Our goal is to show these learners that they can achieve their dreams and be successful while still supporting environmental sustainability. In eight weeks we will create young entrepreneurs who will lead by example and inspire others to do the same.

To qualify for the Environmental Entrepreneurs Programme:

Learners need to be in Grade 5 - 7

Educators need to commit to 1.5 hours a week for eight weeks

Save the world

We have designed our programme to build confidence and motivate and encourage self-belief in young people through unleashing their entrepreneurial spirit and handing them the tools to create personal habits that drive environmental responsibility.

The Environmental Entrepreneurs Programme will teach young talent how to:

  • Complete various activities that introduce the concepts of climate change, recycling and entrepreneurship;
  • Start a project that will reduce the carbon footprint of their school; and
  • Participate in activities that promote creativity and inspire innovation.

Through starting an environmentally-aware business to positively effect change in their communities, learners develop an understanding of the challenges impacting the environment.

The development of this programme was funded by HSBC worldwide and the implementation of this programme at primary schools is also almost exclusively funded by HSBC.

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The Environmental Entrepreneurs Programme brought a real mindset change to both learners and teachers. Learners who were on the programme were very aware of protecting the environment. There was a remarkable change as the teacher observed that learners were picking up waste in and around the school without teachers having to reprimand them. They would also inform other learners to be proud of their environment and the school

Ms Mbasa  Kaizer,
Ngxwane Primary School, Kwa Zekhele, Port Elizabeth