Enterprise Dynamics Programme

This programme enables Grade 4 – 7 learners to explore setting up a mini-business to learn the theory and practicalities of small businesses.

Participants are introduced to the knowledge and skills required to access future employment, through the use of games, simulation activities, projects and role play to help learners develop an understanding of the economy and business.

An emphasis is placed on STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and how they play a role a variety of employment options including self-employment. Thus, students start thinking about the challenge of finding a job or starting a business and what learning pathways will lead them to the outcomes they aim to achieve.

This course helps learners to:

  • Identify what sort of work opportunities there are
  • Find important information needed to take advantage of opportunities
  • Negotiate for things they want
  • Work with other people
  • Understand more about the world of work
Students operate a virtual company through a web-based simulation.

In the Titan Programme, Grade 10 – 12 students are prompted to make and enter decisions about price, production, marketing, capital investment, and research and development. The impact of their decisions leads to the success or failure of their virtual company and ultimately, win or lose, the learners gain an understanding of how management decisions affect a company's bottom line.