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    A DEEP, JA Africa’s first program offering in its virtual skills lab, is an online-based interactive entrepreneurship curriculum, created specifically for young African learners, including those who live in countries or go to schools where JA is not present. JA DEEP builds on JA’s existing entrepreneurship programs (JA Company Program and JA ITS TYME) in an online format that teaches the same principles in an engaging and fun way.

    The program allows you (the learner) the opportunity to experience the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship by walking you through how to start and operate a business that fills a need or solves a problem in your communities. You will have the opportunity to put theory into practice from idea generation, product development, capitalization of the venture, marketing and sales strategy development and financial reporting, while being supported with digital or in-person mentorship from a JA corporate volunteer. 

    You can complete JA DEEP at your own pace but can expect to have an average of 8 contact hours with the content.


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    Enrolled: 2 students
    Duration: 8 hours
    Level: Grade 10-11