Dolly Doreen Mokgatle

Dolly Doreen Mokgatle

In 2005, Dolly co – founded Peotona Group holdings, together with three other women to focus primarily on equity investments in companies in different sectors such as mining, construction, large industrial, manufacturing, book publishing and private equity.
Dolly serves on numerous Boards of various companies, both in a representative capacity to Peotona and in a private capacity and chairs some of the companies and the board committees. She also serves in a voluntary capacity on boards of non-profit making organizations. This has given her extensive experience in corporate governance, transformation and energy as well as exposure into different sectors of the economy and society.
Dolly was also the author of the chapter on Value Added Tax in the Katz Tax Commission Report, published in 1992.

Dolly is very passionate about the development of women and mentors young women who, in addition to being part of the cohort of women on Peotona’s mentorship program, have developed their skills in various professions and business. Dolly’s passion for the education, development and well-being of children has led her to serve on boards of institutions involved in children’s well-being, student entrepreneurship and school governing bodies.

Until November 2008, Dolly was actively involved in the restructuring of the Electricity Distribution Industry and Chaired the Board of the Holding Company, which is tasked by the Government with the oversight, facilitation and monitoring of the establishment of Regional Electricity Distributors throughout the country.

In February 2015 Dolly was appointed as a member of the Deputy Presidents Advisory Panel committee on Eskom.

Awards received:
Chairman’s Award, Eskom (1995)                                               Legal managers award, Eskom
Regional managers award, Eskom                                             Finalist, Business Woman of the Year (1998)
Business Woman of the year, Johannesburg region
Business Women of the Year, Black Business Quarterly (2003)
French National Order of Merit by the French Ambassador on the 8th March 2014