We are the platform of opportunity for every young person

Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Philosophy
Purposefully crafting #opportunitymakers

Our Values
pur·pose·ful -  [pur-puh s-fuh l] - adjective. We have a firm commitment to creating                                                                                #opportunitymakers

re·spon·sive -
[ri-spon-siv] - adjective. We react quickly and positively to opportunities in our                                                                     environment

bold -
[bohld] - adjective. We are courageous and daring in our mission to create a culture of                                                #opportunitymakers

a·ware -
[uh-wair] - adjective. We are knowledgeable and informed about the environment in which                                                  we operate

pro·fes·sion·al -
[pruh-fesh-uh-nl] - adjective. We perform to the best of our abilities and in so                                                                              doing, meet and exceed expectations of delivery

ac·count·a·ble -  [uh-koun-tuh-buh l] - adjective. We are responsible and diligent in our approach to             our work

To be the catalyst for every young person's entrepreneurial journey through our experiential programmes

Keep in touch with us on:
011 331 3150 | info@jasa.co.za | 112 Main Street, 10th Floor, Johannesburg, 2001 
 PO Box 61540, Marshalltown, 2107