The Faces of JA South Africa - Our Success Stories
During 2012, JA South Africa was extremely fortunate to be one of 12 NGOs selected to receive a million Rands worth of advertising space from Media24's Giving You Space to Grow campaign. The sponsorship allowed us to introduce JA South Africa to millions of people who might otherwise have not have encountered the organisation.

We were given the opportunity to select any of the publications under the Media24 umbrella that would give the organisation the best exposure. We determined that FinWeek, City Press and Beeld would provide JA South Africa with the most appropriate exposure, as these publications are the most widely read amongst our funder target market.

The objectives of our ad campaign were:

1) to clearly illustrate JA South Africa's purpose;
2) to showcase some of JA South Africa's most successful alumni; and
3) to celebrate the 34 years that JA South Africa has been in existence.

Presenting some of our most successful alumni allowed us to assist them by providing their businesses with a free advertising platform, resulting in exposure that their small businesses would not otherwise have been able to achieve.

In 2013 we decided to continue with the campaign ourselves and to feature several JA South Africa alumni throughout each year.

These are our success stories over this time.
2016 Faces of JA South Africa
If you are a JA South Africa alumnus or would like to see what they are up to, follow us our various social media pages.
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